How to Game Share on PS4

How to Game Share on PS4: A Comprehensive Guide for Sharing Gaming Fun

How to Game Share on PS4: A Comprehensive Guide for Sharing Gaming Fun

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) system has a significant function called game sharing that enables you to share your library of digital game collections with friends and family. You may extend your enjoyment of your games and save money by sharing game purchases by adhering to a few easy procedures.

How to Game Share on PS4

In this article, we will walk you through the process of game sharing on PS4, providing you with the knowledge and steps necessary to set up game sharing successfully.

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How to Game Share on PS4

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  1. Activate Your PS4 as the Primary Console: In order to allow game sharing, you must designate your PS4 as the primary console for your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. To achieve this, go to “Settings,” then “Account Management,” and then “Activate as Your Primary PS4.” This procedure enables other console users to access your games.
  2. The PS4 requires that you create additional user accounts for each person with whom you wish to share games. You can add more accounts by going to “Settings,” “User Management,” and then “Add User.” To create new accounts, adhere to the directions displayed on-screen.

Sharing Games with Another User

  1. Share Your Digital Games: Log in with your primary account and visit the “Library” section on the home screen to share your digital games with another PS4 user. Locate the game you want to share, then click it and select “Download.” This will download the game on the console for public access and enjoyment.
  2. Play Games Shared by Others: The recipient must sign in to their own PlayStation 4 user account in order to play games shared by another user. They can then find the shared game by visiting the “Library” section. They can download and play the game by choosing it.

Important Considerations and Tips

  1. Sharing Limitations: Remember that game sharing on PS4 has certain limitations. You can only share games with one other console and access shared games while connected to the internet. Additionally, some games may have restrictions imposed by the game developers or publishers.
  2. Account Security and Trust: Game sharing requires trust between the sharing parties. Ensure that you only share games with individuals you trust, as they will have access to your digital game library.
  3. PlayStation Plus Benefits: While game sharing allows access to shared games, PlayStation Plus benefits, such as online multiplayer and free monthly games, are tied to individual PSN accounts. Each user will need their own PlayStation Plus subscription to enjoy these features.
  4. Communication and Coordination: Effective communication and coordination are crucial when sharing games. Make sure everyone is aware of the sharing arrangements, including any agreed-upon rules or restrictions.


On the PS4, game sharing opens up a world of cooperative play and money-saving possibilities. You can set up game sharing on your console and share a larger selection of video games together with your near friends and circle of relatives with the aid of following the instructions on this page. For a smooth and comfortable game-sharing experience, keep in mind the restrictions, account security, and communication considerations. Prepare to go on thrilling gaming experiences with your friends and maximize the games in your PS4 library.

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